Unilite Disposable Flint Lighters

These lighters are available in an assortment of transparent colours.

Disposable Flint Lighters disposable flint lighters

We also have a solid colour black and white lighters.


black flint lighter white flint lighter


Unilighters Electronic Lighters

These Unilite Electronic lighters are transparent and availale in a variety of colours. We stock refillable and non-refillable electronic lighters. Please confirm with us which option you require when asking for a quote.

electronic lighters


Non-refillable Electronic Lighters

Non-refillable Electronic Lighter


Torch Lighters are a great idea, a lighter and a torch, in one. Put your name on one corporate gift or promotional item and it serves two purposes. Don't delay, order your torch lighters today. The torch lighters are electronic, refillable lighters. We have the torch lighters in a variety of colours. As well as the black, yellow, green and blue below, we also have the torch lighters in red.

LED Torch Lighters

These are a combination solid colour and transparent colour lighters. The transparency is to indicate the gas remaining in the lighter.

Metallic Torch Lighters - Below are some more options of torch lighters. Below are electronic torch lighters in metallic colours.  If you are standing around a braai, you often need a light, in fact a torch will come in handy often and how nice to have a torch on your lighter or a lighter on your torch. Email us now at info@brandinnovation.co.za for your torch lighters, these are great novelty lighters. A better promotional lighter is hard to find. Remember that we deliver door to door throughout South Africa.

Metallic torch lighters are available in metallic grey,metallic green, metallic red, metallic silver and metallic blue. Please note that the colours and shades might not be exactly as they appear on the website.


Torch lighters in South Africa are a really good promotional gift idea. We sell electronic refillable torch lighters throughout South Africa. Your lighters are delivered door to door. We would really like to be your lighter supplier of choice, so please do not hesitate to request a quote. Thank you for visiting our lighter website. Please remember we deliver to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth, really to where ever you are.