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Engraved Metal Lighter

Engraved Metal Lighter South Africa- Do you need a stunning promotional item or personalised gift? This is the engraved metal lighter. A metal flip lighter, this is a quality lighter for the executive members of your corporate family.

Zorro Metal Lighters
Chrome Brushed Lighter Item Code: 7000B

Unique Features of this lighter

  • Stunning personalised engraving
  • Elegant brushed chrome body
  • Packaged in a great gift box

An executive style lighter, this is a fantastic way to give out personalised promotional items. With a popular design and wide branding area, this is a brilliant way to promote your modern brand.

This lighter is similar in design to the classic Zippo lighters and make great gifts for executive clients.

A fantastic way to market any vibrant brand image, these are items used every day. A clearly visible branded lighter, this is sure to promote your name with every use.

Available in a range of styles, we supply the awesome chrome brushed version- a perfect promotional engraved metal lighter.

An item often passed around or used in groups, a branded lighter offers your brand with every use. An elegant item to give to staff members or clients, this is a stylish lighter option to say the least.

Other great lighter options

For a stunning engraved metal lighter, e-mail now. Trust our professionals to get you the best quote possible on your corporate items.


Bulk Lighters Supplier South Africa

Bulk Lighters Supplier South Africa- A fantastic selection of cost-effective branded items, brilliant for giveaways and promotions, a branded lighter is a cool little item that comes in handy day after day. Get your branded lighters from a premium bulk lighters supplier South Africa, a sure to be seen branded item.


Some of our popular lighter options:
BIC Slim Line Lighter
3 Reasons why this is a great branded lighter

  1. Available in four colour options
  2. Printing in up to five colours on either side
  3. Safety and quality tested

BIC Maxi Lighter
3 Reasons why this is a brilliant promotional item

  1. Four colour options available
  2. Most popular promotional item
  3. Up to five colour print branding

Disposable Flint Lighters
3 Reasons why this is a perfect cost-effective item

  1. Wonderfully cost-effective
  2. Available in a huge range of colours
  3. Can have branding on all sides

Don’t miss out on these awesome branded lighters from a bulk lighters supplier South Africa. E-mail now to order yours.


Branded Fire Lighters

Branded Fire Lighters South Africa- A great branded item that is ideal for marketing a functional company, branded fire lighters make for useful, cost-effective gifts that can be used on a day to day basis.

A few of our favourite fire lighter options:

BI Fire Lighter
3 Reasons why this is such a great branded gift:

  1. Strong, adjustable flame
  2. Silver colour
  3. Long body for great reach


Standard Fire Lighter
3 Reasons why this is a great fire lighter option:

  1. Wide body
  2. Slide button
  3. Adjustable flame


Slim Silver Fire Lighter
3 Reasons this is a great fire lighter option:

  1. Long, slim design
  2. Silver body
  3. Refillable gas

BI Colour Fire Lighters

  1. Cost-effective fire lighter option
  2. In a range of vibrant colours
  3. Can be stylishly printed on

Don’t miss out on these awesome branded fire lighters, order yours from now. 


Printed Lighters

Printed Lighters South Africa- A cost-effective item that is seen and used constantly, a branded printed lighter is an awesome promotional item that serves as a quick and easy marketing tool.

Why a branded lighter?

  • Cost-effective
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Branding on both sides
  • Seen constantly
  • Great promotional giveaway item

A common item that is constantly passed around between friends and colleagues, this is an effective promotional tool that is sure to be seen.

A brilliant printed lighter option from Brand Innovation, the BIC Slim Line Lighter is a narrow lighter with a good branding area. From the world renowned BIC brand, these high quality lighters are the perfect way to communicate your brand ethos and corporate identity to the masses in a constructive way, giving out a promotional item that can be used every day- allowing your brand to become a daily feature in the life of many. Branding on these lighters has allowance for a five colour print, giving you the room to create a stunning branded printed lighter.
Available in a choice of four colours:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black
  • White

Another fantastic lighter option, perfect for your branding solutions, the BIC Maxi Lighter is a high quality lighter with a bit of a wider body than the previous option. Our most popular promotional printed lighter to date, this is an ideal giveaway gift at events or during promotions. With five colour branding allowing you to create a unique marketing tool, perfectly promoting your brand image, this lighter can be orders in one of four colour options:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black
  • White

A great branded lighter option that is sure to have wise spread reach, this is the perfect way to connect with many companies and even universities or nightclubs. A common item that is used every day of the week, this is a brilliant way to make your brand a part of the recipients daily life.
Don’t miss out on an amazing promotional item for your company, order your custom printed lighters now. E-mail to get your quote.



BIC Lighters - The Best Promotional Lighters

Lighters have always been a popular promotional product. Just like pens and business cards, a lighter is a fantastic way to promote your company or advertise with your company details branded on it.

At Brand Innovation, we have a great variety of BIC lighters that are sure to light up your life!

Our most popular and best-selling lighter is the super durable and high quality BIC Maxi Lighter.

  • This lovely lighter is an exceptional quality lighter and is SABS approved
  • They are high quality but still cost effective. Giving you great value for money!
  • Our BIC Maxi lighter is available in these great colours: White, red, black and dark blue.
  • The price of our stunning BIC Maxi lighter also includes a one colour print on the lighter

BIC Lighters branded lighters

Lighters are no longer reserved just for smokers! They are useful in many different ways and especially for promotional reasons.

  • They are a perfect promotional item for game lodges. You can just imagine how clever and useful a branded lighter will be for your clients when they are lighting up a braai!
  • A lighter is also great for promoting a backpackers lodge. Travellers will always find a lighter handy. Sending a branded lighter with your company name with a backpacker, will ensure your brand is seen throughout the world!
  • Lighters are even great for swanky hotels. Instead of giving branded matches to your guests, give them a beautifully branded lighter.
  • If you own a construction company, a branded lighter will be the perfect promotional item for you. Just imagine if you've just built someone a stunning braai, and then giving them a complimentary branded lighter with your details when you're done! They are sure to remember you and appreciate the kind gesture.
  • A lighter is even an awesome promotional item for hardware stores. Builders and engineers often need lighters and by having one of your branded lighters, they will definitely know where to go get their tools!


Our BIC Maxi lighter is the absolute perfect choice when it comes to choosing lighters. It is durable, safe and classically designed. Whether you use it at a 5 star hotel, or a simple backpackers - we promise that your clients and guests will love our stunning BIC Maxi lighter just as much as we do.

Order your BIC branded lighters today;


Why the Bottle Opener Lighter is ideal for a Braai

If you are thinking about having a braai with your staff or clients, you are probably wondering what gift to give them.


Brand Innovation offers you this awesome 2 in 1 lighter that will be answer to your question.



Not only is it a lighter, but also a bottle opener. You can now light your fire and open a bottle without having to carry around two things.

You can also choose your Bottle Opener Lighter in the following colours; white, black, red, blue, green and yellow.

Order this awesome product by calling our friendly staff on 0861 111 954 or email us on Brand Innovation delivers directly to you wherever you are in South Africa.



Branded Lighters are a great promotional gift for the following types of companies;

Hotels, restaurants, bars, garages and cigarette companies. Anyone who is given a branded lighter will think of you every time they use it. A lighter is a great marketing tool.

Order your lighters today. Email us for your lighters at or call our friendly staff on 0861 111 954.


Lighters South Africa

We would like to thank all our clients for your contintued support in 2012. We gretly appreciate the business and look forward to being of service in 2013.

To order your promotional lighters and branded lighters in South Africa, please email us at


Promotional Branded Lighters

A printed lighter is a popular promotional product and give-away gift. Our BIC promotional lighters are the best choice. BIC is a recognized brand and strive for the best quality. All BIC promotional lighters are SABS approved and safety tested. Branding your logo on a BIC lighter is a great marketing idea. Get your great branded lighters now!

 Promotional BIC Lighters

Brand New Corporate Gift Lighters

We've got 3 brand new ligters in stock! These great corporate gift lighters each have a stylish and sleek design that can be branded beautifully. These new lighters are also refillable and longer lasting. They make great corporate gifts and anyone would love to own one of these stunning lighters.

New lighters



Branded Promotional Lighters

The BIC Maxi Lighter is a fantastic promotional lighter. These maxi lighters are extra long-lasting, with up to 3000 lights. BIC branded lighters are the perfect option for printing on. These printed lighters are very populat and make great businesscards. You can choose between a variety of different colours for your lighter.

Branded lighters 

The Big LIGHTER news is that from the end of April 2011 we will be bringing you the great BIC MEGA LIGHTER which is a perfect braai lighter and fire lighter and will make a perfect corporate gift! It will be availalbe in white only which is perfect to show off your logo!

There are various lighter options that you can choose from in South Africa.

These include bottle opener lighters,soccer ball lighters, torch lighters, disposable lighters and electronic lighters.

Please let us know what your lighter needs are so that we can best assist you.

Lighters are an ever popular promotional item in South Africa. What are your needs? Do you require a lighter which will be a promotional giveaway to 1000's of people? If so, then the Bic Mini Lighter or Bic Slim lighter is the lighter for you. Or you can choose the Poppell Slim flint disposable lighter. If you are looking for another excellent promotional item in the lighter range, then do consider the firelighter which is a good choice. We would be happy to assist you with your quotes. Thank you for visiting the most comprehensive lighter website in South Africa and probably Africa! May we light up your day for you.

Today our topic is about the famous Bic lighter brand. Bic Lighters are world renowned and are a real winner. The Bic Lighters are SABS approved and are world renowned. You know when you purchase a Bic Lighter, you are purchasing a brand lighter which can give you assurance that you are purchasing the best.

We will be updating this lighter news page regulary. At present our aim is to supply cost effective lighters which are loved by you and your clients. Should you require different types of lighters with specific requirements, please contact us in this regard.


Great news is that we now have bottle opener lighters back in stock. We can also offer you the awesome new maxi lighter.


If you are in the restaurant or hotel trade, a lighter is an awesome gift to give a patron to your business. Lighters are not only used by smokers, but an important use of lighters in South Africa, is to light a braai and everyone in South Africa braais, so don't delay, order your lighter for braai's now! The people you give the lighters to, will remember you every time they use the lighter.

16 March 2009

Our lighter subject of the day is about the topic of restaurant and bar lighters. These are fantastic promotional items. A restaurant lighter or even hotel lighter will remind the patron of you continuously and is a great giveaway. We have fantastic prices for great restaurant lighters. Please contact us now on 0861 111 954 or email us at for your restaurant lighters.


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