Lighter Side Of Life

Each day is a chance to live the day as best we can. It is wonderful that we are alive and able to live the life that we choose to live. During a busy day it is often worthwhile to take 5 minutes to reflect and to sit quietly during a lunch break. So often during the business of our work and home lives, rushing through traffic, getting errands done, etc. that we do not take time out to reflect, to pause and to be calm for a few minutes. Remember to look at the lighter side of life and to be at peace during the busy days of our lives.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes taking risks is necessary to get ahead in life. We believe stepping out of your comfort zone is required for growth. So just stay positive and take the leap.

Taking Risks


You Have to Keep Moving

How cool is this photograph below. Does this image not make you feel that sometimes we should be more carefree and not worry with things that actually don't make the biggest difference? Enjoy your day.


Keep Moving


Gangnam Style

This music video is a global hit. With Psy's unique dance moves and the catchy music, Gangnam Style is sure to brighten up your day.

Keep Calm and Gangnam Style 

We are often worn down by things that we think are important, but which are not always that important. Let us give thanks for the things that light up our lives, those things that bring us joy and those people who show us kindness. We wish you a light filled day, remember to enjoy the lighter side of life.

Let us light up your life with some awesome promotiona lighters for your clients. In this economic times it is easy not to spend money on marketing, but it is always important to get your brand out there and let peope know what you can do for them and to keep you top of mind.

May you enjoy your day today and let us all remember to vote and to give thanks that we have a vote! Have a light filled day.

Are you taking a moment out of every day to look at the joys of life and to share a laugh or a joke with a friend or family member? Let us slow down to enjoy our days and not to only rush through each day. May you have a wonderful day today.

Were you April Fooled? If so, we hope it was a light hearted moment of laughter that you had and the prankster too! Perhaps you were the prankster! If so, was it a good one?

This page of the lighter website is really for us to sit back and reflect on the day that has been or the day ahead and also on the present and to think of something lighthearted, something that will lift our spirits. So often we are so busy in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, that we forget to look at the lighter side of life. We are often so serious and before we know it, another day has passed and we have not paused to look at the day with gratitude and lightheartedness. Should you have any quotes, or anything that you think may be of benefit to us all to look at the lighter side of life, please do email it to and we will add it to our site if it is suitable. Thank you and have a great day.

When you are having a busy day filled with lots to do, take a moment and think of the thing that you love doing most and that fills you with good energy. Maybe a run along the beach and a swim in the sea? What could be better than that? Take time out to reflect on the lighter side of life.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is a good idea often to take a few minutes during the day and to reflect and give thanks.

Another week end has arrived. Use the time beautifully,enjoy every minute and may it be good for you. We wish you a week end of joy, peace, success, light and laughter. Remember to look on the lighter side of life.

If you have any jokes which will make us all look on the lighter side of life, then please email them to Thank you for visiting our lighter side of life lighter page and lighter website.